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doug berns band


Doug Berns Band is a power trio that creates alternative rock with a metallic sheen. Founded and fronted by bassist, singer and songwriter Doug Berns (EMEFE, The YeahTones), the band features Sean Salant (AwakenTheShadow, Nova Lantern) on guitar and Coleman Bartels on drums. 

Born and raised in New York City, Doug began as a metalhead, learning Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath riffs while jumping up and down in his childhood bedroom at the age of 12. He was fascinated by the way that heavy music exorcised his anxieties and fears and cleansed his soul. He continued to pursue his passion for music, becoming known for his fat tone and unbridled BassFace in New York City and touring throughout the world. 

As 2018 dawned, Doug decided that he was finally ready to record an album of his own compositions. Through muscular riffs, soaring guitar leads, thick rhythmic pockets and gripping vocal hooks, he sought to provide that same feeling of catharsis, solace and release that he felt listening and jamming along to his favorite music as a kid. Sean brought his razor sharp guitar precision and boundless creativity to the fray, and Coleman added his thunderous drumset attack and dazzling technique to create the sound, power and energy that is the Doug Berns Band. 


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